Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unit 6 Post


Description: This exercise made me feel exceptionally happy, and equal among everyone else out their in this huge world. I enjoyed the fact that I am not able to open my mind and my heart in oder to alter my focus from personal love to a now more universal standard. Within this univeral loving-kindness, I will wish freedome from suffering to everyone that I encounter in my life (friends, family, people I don't really know, and even enemies). Along with this, I will also hope that everyone may find stustained health, happiness, and wholeness while I can try my best to assist all people in gaining freedom from suffering and finding this unity within their lives.

What I discovered about myself: I have now came to the realization that forgiveness in one of the most important things in life that can make you feel at peace with yourself. Whenever I overcome a personal issue of my own within another human being, it makes me feel overly glad to accept that these things will happen and I will get over them to move on to reach overall happiness with everyone around me!

My area of focus of growth and development: I now know how important it is to forgive someone as soon as possible for whatever they have done to offend me. In order to do this, I can remind myself to engage in a universal loving-kindness practice every other day or at least once a week.


Description: I began by focusing in on the four quadrants of development; psychospiritual, biological, interpersonal, and worldly flourishing. Within psychospiritual flourishing, I thought of my emotional state because my boyfriend and I have been going back and forth a little bit lately, even though I know we both love eachother dearly. As for my biological flourishing, I concentrated on my fitness because I have been slacking as for exercise lately. Within my interpersonal flourishing, I thought of my family because it has been since Christmas since I have visited home (Pennsylvania) now that I live in Florida. This brings on intense emoitions because I am not used to being away from my family for such along time and I miss them greatly! Lastly, for my wordly flourishing, I experienced thoughts from my work because I know that I must try my hardest to get along with everyone and be nice to all customers no matter how nice they are treating me. I believe that the line of developement that is most pertinent in my mind right now would have to be my interpersonal flourishing.

What I discovered about myelf: Through this experience, I found new ways to improve my attitude and actions. One thing that I realized was how I am going to encounter people differently at my work. Sometimes customers get fussy because you are taking longer than expected to get their food due to being busy, and I have decided not to let their attitudes affect mine. Instead, I will continue serving them with the best attitude possible so that they can hopefully enjoy their meal at Boston Market to the fullest.

My area of focus of growth and development: My area of growth needs to be thinking about my actions before I make my moves. At times, I am eager to let another person's actions upset me, but I have realized now that this is not getting me anywhere. Consequently, I am going to try to stay positive no matter what the situation is.


I can implement both of these exercises into my life atleast once weekly if not more in order to achieve greater wellness. I can already feel how different of an outlook on life they have given me thus far. As well, I am also going to integrate meditation into my daily routine for at least 10 minutes in the morning as soon as I get out the shower.


  1. Hey Ash, you make a great suggestion about trying to forgive others as soon as possible. I mean, who wants to feel upset/sad/frustrated/etc. with someone for a longer period of time than necessary. Depending on the situation, it might be difficult, but we all know that when we truly forgive someone, we feel so much better about ourselves and the situation. You are able to spread the love. Best wishes on your growth and development!!

  2. Hello Ash, I agree with Kristen you made a great comment on forgiveness. Doesn't it feel good to try to tap into our inner self. There is so much to discover and see. Some hurts, some glads, some sads, some happy, some nice and even some love and a little hate. Just think all of these and more emotions live inside our houses. I say I have the key and I control what I want to come in and go out. good luch on your friend I saw your picture and you looked happy.

  3. Hi Ash,

    Boy, do I definitely hear you when you speak about forgiveness. I have been personally dealing with an issue for the last twelve years but can never seem to move forward with it. But continue to work at it because I want to achieve love, peace, and calmness within my life.

    So, how does one work with someone of this nature? Well, according to Fredric Luskin,"Forgiveness is for you and not anyone else. [And I can] forgive the offender and, as a part of that choice, make the decision to end or limit contact." And that's exactly what I have done, limit contact with this individual. So, I hope to be able to heal my wounds and move forward.

    Anyhow, it is great you are working on this aspect of your life. For learning to set aside and be at peace with the hurts others have caused you only makes you stronger! Good luck to you and I pray you are able to make progress.

  4. Hi Ash,
    Your right it is best to forgive quickly, because it doesn’t help to hold on to anger. It is good that you decided to move on and not let their attitudes bother you. People will be people no matter how nice you are, some people are still rude; but like you said ignoring them will help you to do better on your job which is good. Keep up the good work.