Friday, April 30, 2010

Unit 10- The End =(



1. My scored definitely changed from my personal assessment of my three well-beings. I have increased my score with my spiritual health, but my physical and mental health has unfortunately remained the same. I have learned where I need to be in terms of coming closer with my spiritual life in order to seek a higher level of happiness. Yet, I now believe it is time to put my goals into action for my physical and mental health to increase because I will have more time to focus on these areas while only taking one class instead of four next semester to finish off my degree. My mental health has slightly increased by providing meditation and visualization in my life.

2. So far I have made progress in my spiritual goals by becoming closer to God by attending mass more often, praying more often, and being thankful for my food. I have changed and enhanced my mental health through the practice of meditation to relieve my day to day stress. My physical health goals are coming close to being put under way as soon as I finish my class work and have more time to focus on myself.

3. I have implemented activities for my mental health through utilizing mental imagery and meditation in my day to day life. I have implemented praying, thankfulness of meals, and attendance to mass as activities to increase my spiritual well being. As I have mentioned earlier, I have not been able to implement my exercise goals in increase my physical health. I am eating right, and I do take part in doing crunches and sit-ups every few days.

4. First off, I would like to mention how thoroughly I enjoyed taking this class. I have learned so much from Creating Wellness that I feel like I have permanently changed my personal outlook on life. This has came about by me realizing how important it is to have equilibrium and balance throughout my physical, spiritual, and mental well being. Now I believe that my ability to assist others in finding the right way to lead a life of integral health has dramatically been enhanced. It has been difficult to achieve every goal that I have set for myself. Yet, I still think of this class as personal enhancement to all of overall well being because the first step in achieving a goal is to realize what your goals are. Now that I know what my goals are, I will have better success in soon achieving them. This will increase my ability to assist others because I have personal experience to work off of. With this experience I will be able to teach others what type of activities and changes they should make in their lives in order to reach integral health, and make the best of their lives. After all, we only live once, so why not make it the best?


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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I had my scores up as well and I think this course made me self efficient health-wise because I too found imagery and meditations practices very helpful for my happiness and therefor health.
    We do live our life once and I think life is simpler that we think it to be, yet we complicate everything with material entanglements and going back to the roots of our problems really a good idea for solving them. We need to do what matters and what really maters is how we feel not what we have, so good luck for your future goals and I wish you happiness.