Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unit 8 Post


Out of the various exercises that we have completed throughout the span of this course, I believe that meditation and visualization have become the most beneficial to my life. I say this for many reasons. First off, this class has showed me what integral health is, and exactly how to reach it. I now feel like I am well on my way to living a more wholesome life that I can enjoy day to day.
Meditation is something that I now like to participate in during the mornings after I wake up and evenings before I go to sleep. Even if I don't complete the same exact meditiation the book taught me, I can still get into the same zone, which makes me feel in close contact with my inner self. Visualization has helped me to calm down in times of distress. Whenever I feel like my world is crumbling apart into a million peices, I take a few minutes out of my day to find a quiet place. In this quiet place I use visualization to escape from reality.


Implementing meditation and visualization has already began to foster mental fitness within my life. I know this because I now catch myself doing things that I have never done in the past. Instead of letting something small take control of me, I use mental fitness to take control of the situation and look at it with a positive attitude. Instead of letting the endless problems of our day to day activities make a mark in my health, I now use meditation and visualization as a balance to keep my mind, body, and spirit in check!!!

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  1. Hey Ash, I totally agree with you that this class has been nothing but beneficial to me! I love your statement that you made about how this class has showed you what integral health is AND exactly how to reach it. It is like the researchers did all the hard work and we get the pleasure of reading their words and benefiting. We still have to work at it and practice, but I am very thankful that we have these amazing tutorials and materials to help us find integral health!