Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unit 7 Post

~*Meeting Aesclepius*~

Through this practice I encountered the emotions of the subtle mind, loving-kindness, calm abiding and eventually unity consciousness. However, I did not encounter the untamed mind.

Visualization helped me find my inner healer (Aesclepius or subtle mind), which was at the source of my being. It helped guide me to the integral process.

It was so easy for me to think of a wise man who is very close to me, and whom I feel passion between. I say this because I have had a boyfriend now for 7 months, and we are very close. We know everything about eachother, and do almost everything we can together. I actually felt his presence because he was in the other room (lol). I really imagined the light and beams at my focal point, and felt it as it entered my mind. This made me feel still and pure. I have felt inspired by my boyfriend because he is much older than me, and has been able to experience a lot more in his life than I have. Therefore, he is constantly teaching me things about life. I have felt like I am becoming one with him because of the knowledge he shares with me. I had a past boyfriend who I dated for almost 6 years, and I already feel closer to my present boyfriend within only 7 months of time.

It is amazing how our mind can take control and make our body feel so calm and loving. I really enjoyed this practice the most because it has combined all of the practices into one. I felt especially relaxed because I took my laptop out to my porch, and all I could hear was the wind blowing the trees around, with birds chirping in and out. This is how meditation has fostered an increase in my psychological and spiritual wellness. I will continue to apply these practices through out my life by taking time out of my day every once in a while to sit in a relaxing environment like my porch for example and reply the thoughts, feelings, and words I heard through this CD from my memory. These practices and meditations will help me foster a greater health and wellness for my body, mind, and spirit.

~*PAGE 477 of Consciousness & Healing*~

"One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself"

This quote directly applies to health and wellness professionals. I mean this because in order for us to practice as professionals in the health and wellness field, we must be able to relate to what our patient is trying to overcome. If we know where they want to go in their life spiritually and psychologically, then we are therefore powerful enough to lead them down the right, enchanted path to a greater sense of being. I feel that we as health and wellness professional do have an obligation to our patients for all aspects of our health. I say this because me must practice what we preach. If someone comes to us for help, we must set a great example for them so that they are inspired by our ways of life. Consequently, our patients will want to be like their teachers. I can implement spiritual and psychological growth in my life by continuing these practices that I have learned through out the extent of this class. As well, I will continue to be one with my church and attend mass because this makes me feel closer to God.


  1. Hey Ash, congrats for you and your boy for 7 months! To some that may not seem that long of a time to be with someone and feel that you know everything, but I felt that way! I dated and saw my boyfriend at the time every day for about 11 months...then he proposed. It can happen. We are literally about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this Sunday! My husband was the person that I chose as well. It was an awesome experience feeling his presence, love, kindness, passion, compassion, desire, etc. flow within me during the exercise. Best wishes with you and your boy.

  2. Hi Ash,
    I think this is great how this class is helping you. I agree it does help to relax in a quite environment. I also noticed how you stated that your boyfriend is teaching you something’s about life. It is good to have people in our lives that love and can help us though life’s situations.