Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unit 5 Post


ThE sUbTlE mInD eXpErIeNcE:
Personally, I enjoyed the loving-kindness exercise more than that of the subtle mind. I have had lot of unexpected financial burdens that I am dealing with lately. Therefore, during this exercise of the subtle mind, I kept found myself worrying about my money situation whenever we were given a chance to let our mind find random mental movements. Consquently, the subtle mind exercise was a bit disturbing for me.

However, I did not hate the subtle mind exercise all together. I enjoyed the part where we tried to focus our mind on nothing or "stillness". I also practice this whenever I do yoga. I like trying to clear my mind completely of all stress and focusing in on simple things like my chest moving or my breathing. My feelings seemed real once I released my mind and allowed it to float freely. I am quite the realistic person. In fact, I even hate watching movies that you have to use your imagination for because I constantly find myself saying, "that wouldn't really happen". I think this may have something to do with the fact that I am the youngest of three kids and I quit watching cartoons and doing little kids things before most of my friends, due to my strong influence of activities from my two older brothers.

tHe CoNnEcTiOn Of SpIrItUaL tO mEnTaL tO pHySiCaL wElLnEsS:
Physical Wellness is easily defined as the facts of our biology within the human body. This wellness connects with mental wellness through a more subtle level. Mental training allows us to shape our biology (physically). Spiritual wellness then connects to mental wellness through finding the deepest layers that lay within our souls and mind, not just our body. The interconnectedness makes us feel wholesome and one with ourselves.

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    Money is a constant worry in life for most people but it does help to take time out of your day to release some of those worries and negativity. You can deal with it later but not let the idea stress you out as much. Mental exercises and fitness help prepare us to deal with our issues that we are faced with daily on a whole new level and basis. The idea is to not let it stress you out and to deal with it at a calmer level for your own sanity. Some times with clarity, we can help find our way out of a situation or see things in a whole new perspective. Other ideas may tend to come to you when you are not even thinking about anything and that has happened to me before. You can begin to take charge of your life instead of feeling sorry for yourself or waiting for things to be handed to you on a silver platter. Things will fall into place for you but you have to be willing to help yourself first. This is probably the reason you are back in school, which is definitely a plus for you, and also in this class meeting wonderful people like me :) Have a wonderful and peaceful week to come.