Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unit 4 Post

1. Describe your experience. Why or Why not? Would you recommend this to others? Why or Why not?

I definitely found my experience of the loving-kindness exercise very beneficial. I believe it was beneficial because it opened my heart to others—not just ones who I do share love with, but also people who I do not know and people who I may consider my enemies. The only thing that I did not like about the CD was the author’s tone of voice during the introduction (Track 1). His voice made me feel annoyed. It was not a very calming voice. Yet, I was glad to see that he chose to have a female with a much more peaceful tone of voice read the exercise of loving-kindness.
I would most certainly recommend this exercise to others for their own experience. My recommendation would be given because of how different my body felt overall after I completed the exercise. Before I began I was extremely frustrated because I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a week, and he was supposed to come see me tonight. Yet, something came up and now I cannot see him again. After I was done with the experience, I felt much stronger emotionally like everything is going to be okay. It made me think of the situation in a positive manner. For example, I just try to keep it in my head that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

2. What is the concept of “Mental Workout? What does the research indicate are the proven benefits of a Mental Work Out? How can you implement mental workouts to foster your psychological health?

The concept of mental workout is very similar to physical effort an Olympian gold medalist exerts, except in a psychological manner. During a mental workout, you engage in a contemplative practice that deals with loving-kindness and the subtle mind. Proven benefits of a mental workout can be a feeling of decreased self-centeredness and openness to others. As well, you will feel calm, open-minded, and intelligent. I can implement mental workouts to foster my psychological health through scheduling a 15 minute time slot in order to practice my exercises of integral health. During this time I will listen to the CD, and feel stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I noticed how you stated that this love and kindness experience helped you know what it helped me as well. We all get those days when life just happens and it smacks us in the face. I just had a guy crush my heart just this pass December and my sister stayed friends with the guy and even invited his new girlfriend over and I stay right across the street hand saw everything so I know what its like to be hurt. But everything happens for a reason its all for the best I think.